German cockroach


Tysk kakerlakk

German cockroach is a tropical cockroach which is spread over most of the world. It is considered a serious pest, gar and a great ability to multiply indoors. Where live the German cockroach?

The German cockroach is a tropical cockroach originally prevalent in tropical regions. It has spread to many parts of the world as a stowaway in goods and luggage carried across borders. It is quite common to find it in Norway too, especially in restaurants, homes and manufacturing facilities. The housing is mainly kitchens and bathrooms cockroaches become established, and when the numbers are high, they are found throughout the home.


Adults German cockroaches are light brown and about. 1,0-1,6 cm long, and is easily recognized on the two black longitudinal stripes on the neck shield. The kids, called nymphs, are darker and more teardrop shaped.

The life cycle of German cockroach has three different stages: egg capsule, nymph and adult. The female German cockroach carries the egg capsule until just before the eggs hatch.

The egg capsule is light brown, 8 mm long, 3 mm wide and slightly curved. It contains 30 to 40 eggs. After hatching, the nymphs go through 5-7 nymph stages within 45-120 days before they become adults. The nymphs are wingless, and more dark colored than the adult roaches, but otherwise has the distinctive dark stripes across the chest shield.


German cockroach is omnivorous and nocturnal. During the day, when it is light, they sit hidden in crevices, under and inside the machines and equipment where it is dark. They rely on warm areas and access to water and moisture.A german cockroach can not live outdoors in Norway, but can easily spread around in residential complexes.


Since cockroaches wandering along the pipe between floors, you can prevent by sealing with silicone in all the gaps.

Have you been on holiday, and there were many cockroaches in your room, well then you might want to freeze your luggage before you take it home. Refrigeration will control all stages of cockroaches.

What could Oslo Veggdyrkontroll offer?

Poisoned bait has proven very effective in combating cockroaches. The bait we have today is so effective, that cockroaches are totally eradicated without the use of pesticides. It’s good for you and the environment. You can use your home as usual after treatment, no waiting required.

We offer no-obligation inspections and can provide mapping of the problem in wells or large residential buildings to get an overview of the problem.